About Me

About Me

I was adopted on Sept 16-2007 by my present family comprising of father Anil, mommy Ena, big sisy Aneesha and small sisy Karina. After celebrating my birthday on Sept 16th, now I am  TEEN AGED .I Love to run in my Garden, chase squirrels.

I am loved by all. I run here and there in the house and play will all. I love to be patted even by strangers.My extended family is of Mintoo Chacha,Nanaji, Mamaji, Mamiji and my two lovely cousins. They all love me a lot.

I loved my late Dadaji and late Dadiji. Dadaji was afraid of me.Whenever I went near him , he got frightened. But my Dadiji took me for a walk. My daddy tells Mintoo Chacha that I became very friendly with Dadiji. Whenever she used to have breakfast, lunch , snacks or dinner, I used to get myself seated near her chair or below the dining table near her feet because she intentionally dropped some food for me which I grabbed very quickly.

Whenever my Mintoo chacha is here, he takes me for a walky-walky (walk)  and I run after him in the house especially in the kitchen because he feeds me with my favorite Cookies and Nuts.In his absence my cookies and nuts are rationed.

I am very obidient, but till now I am totally confused because I do not know why I am scolded especially by Mommy. 

I have a boyfriend name ROCKY. Whenever I visit him , we play a lot. Because of Covid panademic scare and safety measures, I missed him badly at my birthday party.

I was afraid of neighbor’s cat in our old house.

I am called the VACUUM CLEANER of the house because I gulp the eatables that fall on the floor and thus keep the house clean.

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