My Likes-Dislikes

My Likes-Dislikes:-


(a) My family’s food. I immediately rush to dining table as they start eating and sit near them.I jump with my fore legs asking for my share.

(b) Meat,Bananas, Apple,Eggs,Fish,Cookies and nuts.Over and above anything  like Rotis, Paranthas,Dosas….The list is endless 

(c) Going for walk.

(d) Chase squirrels.

2. Dislikes:-

(a) My ownfood,onions and mushrooms.

(b) Taking Bath. I hate it because first I am made wet then dried with hair drier.

(c) Visiting my Saloon for haircut.

(d) Visit to my Vet Doctor.While getting injections at the hospital I wish to give impressions of my jaws on his arms, but I am afraid of my mommy who is present there.

(e) My medications.


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